ZIPTO Warehousing Service Worldwide

A fast growing network of facilities that enables safe and efficient storage.


Currently, ZIPTO has established warehousing and fulfillment centers in the United States, with a total area of more than 5,00,000 square feet.

ZIPTO Warehousing Facilities in the United States

Professional and Comprehensive Services of ZIPTO

ZIPTO has established professional modern warehousing and distribution centers for B2B and B2C eCommerce businesses in Illinois, California, and North Carolina in the United States. We partner with the major carriers, like USPS, FedEx, and DHL, allow us to provide our
customers with heavily discounted shipping rates. Before we ship any of your orders, we'll give you a
list of all-inclusive options where you can choose the best method for your customers' orders and
 save up to 50% on shipping.


  • Inventory Inspection Service
  • Product Labeling Service
  • Unpacking and Repacking Service
  • Volume Measurement Service
  • Product Photo Shooting Service
  • Exhibition and Sales Service
  • Distribution Service
  • Customized Packaging Service
  • Product Bundling Service
  • Warehouse Pickup Service
  • Fully Customized Warehouse Service
  • Financing Services
  • Return Processing Service
  • Liquidation Service
  • Low-inventory Warning Service
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