International Intellectual Property Management (IIPM) Service

  • 1.Trademark Applications

    We recognize that your trademarks may be the most valuable asset of your business. We perform searches and provide you registry opinions. We make certain your trademark meets all the required prerequisites prior to applying for registration with each country's Patent and Trademark Office.

  • 2. Infringement Analysis & litigation

    We send out cease and desist letters. We pursue damages for our clients who have suffered theft of their intellectual property.
    If you have been accused of infringement or IP theft, we respond to cease and desist letters. We may provide you a defense based on your fair use of the material that is being challenged.
  • A few of the areas of litigation we can help you with include:

    -Copyright and patent infringement cases
    - Trademark infringement and dilution
    - Unfair competition
    - Violation of trade secrets
    - Deceptive sales practices

    We help you by:

    - Obtaining temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions
    - Having the court order the infringer to account for profits derived from the infringement
    - Pursuing actual monetary damages for losses you suffered due to the infringement
  • 3. Intellectual Property Trading

    we help you purchase trademarks & patents on your demand and liquidate your idle intellectual property back to real cash.

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